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                    Oracle "Redo log Groups addition/deletion"

Step 1) To add redo log group first we will check the log groups, members details, location, and size.

Example: -

log groups and member details

From the above output, we can see we have 3 groups and inside every group, we have 1 member each of size 50 MB and the location is /u01/app/oracle/oradata/karan/

Step 2) Now we will add one group and check the status of that group.

Example: -

alter database add logfile

Now again we can check the details of log groups and member.

Now the 4th group and a member of 50 MB has been added successfully.

Step 3) Now I will add one more member to the 4th log group.

Example: -

alter member to latest group

Status of latest alter member

We can see from the above output that in group 4, now 2 members are there.

Steps to drop the latest added group and member

Note: - We cannot drop CURRENT members as shown in the above output, So I will add a new member in group 3 and then I will drop that member.

Step 1) Addition of new member from group 3.

Example: -

Addition of member from group 3

We can see I have added a new member in group 3. Now I can drop that member because its status is INACTIVE

Step 2) Deletion of a new member from group 3.

Example: -

Deletion of member from group

Note: - We can see our latest added member has been dropped from group 3.

Step 3) Now I will drop group 3 as well.

Example: -

Dropped Group 3

Note: - We can see that I have dropped group 3 as well.

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