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                                             Oracle 12c Grid binary installation

High-Level Steps for Oracle 12c grid binary installation

1) Download the below grid software


2) Add the necessary groups.

eg) asmdba, asmadmin, asmoper.

3) Create or modify a user.

eg) Grid or Oracle user.

4) Unzip the grid software from that user.

eg) unzip <file name>

Note:- Unzip the files in sequential way, first linuxamd64_12102_grid_1of2 then linuxamd64_12102_grid_2of2

 Now let's see the above steps with the help of practical 

Step 1) First thing that needs to be done after download, Copy the zip files in some other folder to change the ownership from root to respective user (Oracle/Grid).

[root@dr sf_Oracle_DBA_Softwares]# cp /opt

Step 2) Create the necessary groups and user.

Group Creation

[root@dr sf_Oracle_DBA_Softwares]# groupadd asmdba
[root@dr sf_Oracle_DBA_Softwares]# groupadd asmadmin
[root@dr sf_Oracle_DBA_Softwares]# groupadd asmoper

User Creation

[root@dr sf_Oracle_DBA_Softwares]# useradd -g oinstall -G asmdba,asmadmin,asmoper grid

Step 3) Now change the ownership of the zip file from root to grid user.

[root@dr opt]# chown grid:oinstall

[root@dr opt]# ll
total 2337936
-rwxr-x---  1 grid   oinstall 1747043545 Feb 12 22:49
-rwxr-x---  1 grid   oinstall  646972897 Feb 12 22:50

Step 4) Now Unzip both the below files from grid user.

Command: -  unzip

After Unzipping the file you will get a folder called "grid".

Inside the "grid" folder you will get the option called "runInstaller" which is used to configure the ASM.


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